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Helping To Plug The Leaks For Affinity Water

With drier summers, more extreme weather events and a booming population, the south east is under immense pressure where water is concerned. Indeed, we need to cut our average consumption by around one quarter from 140 litres per day to 110 litres. Pauline Walsh, CEO of Affinity Water has stated:

“We are facing a looming crisis in which we will run out of water unless we do things differently.”

It’s not just consumers who need to curb their usage. Affinity Water themselves has pledged to do more to reduce the leaks from its pipes. 5 years ago, Affinity Water was losing 20% of its supply from damaged and broken pipes. They’ve pledged to reduce that to 14% by 2025.


Affinity Water has been spear-heading a campaign to encourage us all, and the Government, to look at our water consumption differently. Back in May 2019 they had an attention drawing public art exhibit outside St Albans Cathedral called ‘The Cold Hard Truth’. Solid blocks of 8 cubic metres of ice (representing the amount of water an average family of four uses in a fortnight) were put on show and allowed to drain away as they melted.

The stunt was the launch of the #WhyNotWater campaign being driven by Affinity Water forming part of the St Albans Sustainability Festival. They are pushing for mandatory water usage labelling on showers and toilets, much akin to the energy efficiency ratings we are familiar with referring to on appliances such as dishwashers.

It’s thought that by encouraging the consumer to become more aware of their water usage, they will push for greater water efficiency in different ways, helping to avert the water crisis which is growing.

This really is a dire situation and we all need to sit up and pay attention. Jake Rigg, Affinity Water’s Director of Communications has asserted:

“It is clear that if we do not rise to this challenge, we will not be ready for drought which the National Infrastructure Commission estimates could cost up to £40 billion. I’m not willing to play Russian roulette with our children’s future.”

He went on to say that we all, as a nation, need to work together with “fierce urgency”.

How CLC Utilities are helping

We work on behalf of Affinity Water repairing and reinstating leaking and broken pipes throughout the region. We deploy our turnkey teams to sites ensuring that disruption is minimised and water leakage from burst pipes is stopped.

CLC Utilities have proven to be an excellent and innovative partner, focused on customer care, serving the customers of Affinity Water. An excellent example of this is how our turnkey trailer teams quickly worked to reinstate a broken pipe at St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping. Several crucial patient care departments were at risk, and without water. We ensured that out-of-hours director led teams worked around the clock to minimise impact and resume supply as quickly and safely as possible.

It is our innovation and customer service which sets us apart and is helping Affinity Water reach its goals of reducing lost supply to 14%. We’re proud to be helping to plug the leaks.