Asset Replacement

Meeting your asset replacement needs with confidence

Whatever your asset replacement needs, CLC Utilities are the asset replacement service provider of choice for the utilities sector.

Our mains and service replacements, including network upgrades, offer our customers a complete turnkey solution.

We offer competitive pricing which brings innovative, safe and efficient solutions to the utilities sector.

Using skilled teams and highly innovative technological solutions we deliver asset replacement services safely, reliably and with minimal disruption.

What makes us different?

  • Customer Service

    From the Gatekeeping Process through to our Customer Liaison Teams, JMSi and use of our innovative customer app, we communicate with you and resolve any problems in real-time.

  • Communities

    We use a Circular Economy (reusing and upcycling as dug materials which are in good working condition) and second-to-none recycling processes to ensure the impact of works on the local environment and communities is minimal.

  • Project Management Excellence

    Whilst asset replacement comes with the benefit of advance planning we still ensure that all projects go through our standardised Gatekeeping Process. This ensures that actual work on-site is completed efficiently, safely and with care for the community environment we are working in.

  • Innovative Solutions

    We are leading the way with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to ensure asset replacement which is fit for the future. With such processes as air lance technology and vacuum excavation, we ensure you can step in to the future with your service to your customers.

If you’re looking to change upgrade or replace assets then choose CLC Utilities for a customer-driven competitive service.