CLC Team Rescue Man from Pond

Dear CLC

I hope this email reaches you and you can identify the wonderful men that I am about to describe.


Whilst working in our village shop this morning there was an incident that took place close to where two of your workman were working. A man from the village who sadly had been drinking fell into the village pond. I saw this happen and immediately shouted for help. Your two men ran over and jumped straight into the pond. It was quite an effort to get him out but they managed it. They then continued to assist while I phoned the ambulance, even then helping to walk him to his home. It took about an hour of their time but they couldn’t do enough to help. They were obviously soaking wet but then continued their job before finishing and telling me they were moving onto their next job. One of them took up the offer of a coffee but they wouldn’t even accept a sandwich as a thank you!


There is no doubt that they saved that man’s life today. The man that fell into the pond has thankfully been taken to hospital.


The nature of the incident would certainly mean we wouldn’t want it widely spread but I though you should know and I hope that you do something to internally reward you men for their selfless attitude, kindness and absolute willingness to help today.


Thank you for your wonderful employees.