Reliable, reflective & responsive service provision

clc utilities water power communications and gas pipe repairs

Water, Power, Communications & Gas

We provide a complete turnkey solution to the utilities sector ensuring you meet the highest standards of service.

clc utilities water gas power maintenance and repair services

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Our expertly skilled and equipped teams undertake excavation jobs from start to finish, for installation, maintenance and repair.

self lay provider services clc utilities


We are a Self-Lay Provider. Installing better infrastructure with high-quality water connections & services.

clc utilities water gas power asset replacement

Asset Replacement

Whether you’re upgrading a network or updating a small section, CLC Utilities provides the complete solution.

clc utilities meter PRV installation

Meter & PRV Installation

We install meters and PRVs to help you drive the future of your sector and meet your objectives with confidence.

clc utilities backfill and reinstatement

Back-fill & Reinstatement

We are renowned for our innovative back-fill and reinstatement works which drive efficiency and reduce impact.

vehicle and plant hire clc utilities

Vehicle & Plant Hire

We strategically plan and equip our teams to be appropriately resourced so that they can complete the job.

Over 25 years’ experience

We have over 25 years’ experience delivering agile and responsive turnkey solutions to the utility sector, specifically in the arenas of Water, Power, Communications and Gas. Our robust and reliable service provision includes the complete provision of installation, repair, maintenance and reinstatement services.  We operate in North London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

CLC Utilities are distinct for our exceptional customer service. Clients benefit from a single point of contact. As such our goal is to exceed your expectations through consistency and commitment. Collaborative relationships with our customers are at the heart of our success. We operate with transparency and integrity as well as passion for being the best, achieving efficiency and improving performance. It is this approach which fuels our reputation as an industry leader.

We prioritise safety in all we do. Furthermore, the communities that we work in are a distinct priority to us. We continually strive to minimise disruption and impact. We easily meet regulatory standards because of our commitment to health and safety, communities, recycling and the environment.

With a culture of innovation, we are driving the future of services to the utilities sector. We invest wisely. We learn from what we do and industry best practice so that we can develop our services for the future. We train effectively and drive the future of our industry’s service provision.

By choosing CLC Utilities you will benefit from a range of financial and operational advantages. We reduce disruption whilst also reducing operational cost. You’ll be choosing a service provider passionately committed to excellent service standards, efficiency and safety.

We have proven success working with a range of industry utilities businesses including Affinity Water, Hochtief, Essex and Suffolk Water, SGN, AMEY, Clancy Docwra, Balfour Beatty and many others.

Choose CLC Utilities services for safety, efficiency and consistently excellent customer care.

  • Health & Safety

    We don’t pay lip service to H&S but embed it in every aspect of our business model and business processes. Our risk management services are integral to every aspect of service provision. Every employee is trained to meet their H&S commitments.

  • Customer Service

    The customer landscape is changing rapidly. As such, customer service is embedded in all that we do from the individual team member on the ground to our Customer Liaison Team. If necessary, we expediently deploy a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) to site to quickly solve any problems. We have a fast, effective and easy escalation process, should it be needed. We collaborate quickly and intuitively with all customers through our innovative customer app which is just one element of enabling real time feedback and collation of data for customer experience and ensures we will always listen.

  • Technological Innovation

    Our data management and exchange systems are second to none, utilising technology to advance communication and insight. By having real-time knowledge 365/24/7 on-site and within the Works Management Centre (WMC), we meet the highest standards of customer service, safety and delivery. Our fleets are equipped with the latest technologies such as air lances and vacuum excavation technology to allow us to work smarter. Additionally, our innovative practice within all processes, such as our Gatekeeping Process in conjunction with our JMSi system, ensures that work is carried out quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption and rare aborts.

  • Recycling & The Environment

    Our drive for new innovation continues as we develop continually-improving recycling, upcycling and environmentally-friendly processes, such as our use of Suitable Excavated Material (SEM) (Circular Economy). Without compromising safety or quality, we have proven that we can protect the environment too. Indeed by targeting 80% same-day back fill we reduce vehicle movement and pollution, noise and our carbon footprint, as well as time on site.

  • Talent Resources

    Our people underpin our ability to excel in service provision to the utilities sector. We can quickly deploy skilled Turnkey Trailer Teams bringing you fast, efficient and outstanding service as they can complete a full job from start to finish. Our personnel are not only equipped with innovative technology, tools and systems, they are equipped with excellent training in all elements of customer care. We understand the importance of job initiation and job enablement through to follow-up and closure.