Back-fill & Reinstatement

Cutting-edge back-fill & reinstatement services

CLC Utilities is leading the way in innovative back-fill and reinstatement services to the utilities sector. We have proven that we can minimise disruption through the cutting-edge process of completing dig, back-fill and reinstatement phases of works using the same team.

We therefore bring the advantages of reduced time on site and lower costs as well as less vehicle movement, more care for the environment, less disruption to local communities and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our reputation as an industry-leader for back-fill and reinstatement works has been built on undertaking successful contracts for AMEC Utilities, Morrison Utility Service, Essex & Suffolk Water, Southern Gas Networks and Affinity Water.

We are chosen for our innovative practices which have seen us increase our expertise sourcing reinstatement materials efficiently and cost-effectively. We are committed to increasing sustainability in our service provision and care for the environments we work in.

Our back-fill and reinstatement teams are expertly trained and experienced in innovative excavation techniques which actively reduce the footprint of the works. The result is reduced material consumption and waste.

In addition to planned works, we are able to provide round-the-clock emergency service provision. Our on-call Turnkey Trailer Teams are responsive and able to deliver our same exceptional service on an emergency basis.

We have a specific Reinstatement Quality Policy which engenders trust that the finished work and look will be of highest quality – another demonstration of our focus to putting the customer first. At the core of this is our own recognition that the quality of the materials used in the reinstatement will have a decisive impact on the overall quality of the completed work.

Health and Safety is central to all of our backfill and reinstatement operations. We consistently drive best practice and are proud of our reputation for a No Harm approach.

What makes us different?

  • Customer Service

    We facilitate smooth and responsive customer service through our customer app and Customer Liaison Teams. All reinstatement and back-fill work is continuously assessed using Clegg Testers which detail compaction in each layer, in addition to other testing techniques. We also ensure consistency in our service by undertaking independent PANDA testing on at least 5% of all works completed, where we have achieved a 99.5% pass rate.

  • Circular Economy

    We have proven success with developing the use of Alternative Reinstatement Materials (ARMs) using our Envirograde® range. These include Foam Base Cold Lay Asphalt, Foam Based Recycled Concrete, Recycled 6 F1 Bed & Surround and Recycled GSBT1. In addition we have demonstrated a commitment to recycling on-site through the reuse of Suitable Excavated Material (SEM). Furthermore, we protect and preserve existing blockwork, high amenity modules and paving slabs to reuse and upcycle whenever we can.

  • Gatekeeper Process

    At CLC Utilities we get it right first time by using our JMSi to accurately assess sites and precisely calculate ordering and plans of works. This is particularly invaluable when we carry out Same-Day Reinstatements (SDRs).

  • Exceptional Talent

    Our Turnkey Trailer Teams are highly skilled and trained to operate within our framework of outstanding customer service and service delivery from beginning to end. They are continuously measured against KPIs such as the size of their footprint. Our teams are committed to full utilisation of our digital data exchange systems. At least one member of each delivery team has a minimum of 5 years’ experience in reinstatement.

Choose environmentally considerate, safe & efficient back-fill & reinstatement works driven by innovation & outstanding customer service.