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Case Studies

Affinity Water -  DMA alterations

Water Companies are stringently measured by the regulator OFWAT on their leakage metrics and health of their assets. A lot of water networks are made up of cast, asbestos cement & PVC installations that date back as far as Victorian times, meaning the water companies do not have modern day data collection visible on these parts of the network.

The Challenge

Find out more about the key objectives and success criteria for the project.

The Solution

Learn more about how we approached the project to deliver a successful outcome.

The Results

Discover more about the impact of our work on the project.

The Challenge

CLC were employed by Affinity water to carry out network calming works on a new 125mm main that has been inserted into an old 8’’ cast iron main.

The works enable Affinity Water to be more aware of their network demands and any weak spots on the DMA (District Metering Authority) via data collection from loggers installed.

The Solution

At preconstruction stage, CLCs SHEQ and Delivery team put in place and agreed site specific risk assessments and method statements for the works planned to be carried out.

Our Streetworks and Planning also liaised with the local authorities to agree a suitable date range for the works to be carried out and any necessary traffic / pedestrian management measures required. Due to the disruptive nature of these works, CLCs customer liaison team ensured local stakeholders, such as local residence and businesses, were aware of the work via letter drops, door knocking & SMS contact.

NRSWA compliant 3-way traffic light set up with a pedestrian light switch out, this enabled CLC to minimise disruption to the local community and any stakeholders.

CLC Utilities branded van with Carbon Neutral organisation accreditation logo above it

The task comprised of an initial survey to understand existing infrastructure in the ground and where the newly installed assets could be conveniently located. A cat and genny survey were conducted to assist with this process. Due to the dynamic nature of the works, our field operatives carry out a onsite risk assessment of the task prior to commencement and update this during should conditions change – this is complete using our AI based video risk assessment tool.

Once all preparation work had been complete, the bypass & Meter were installed with necessary thrust blocks whilst  following Affinity Waters’ water quality compliance policy. Prior to commissioning the new installation was sampled and confirmed a pass by the water quality lab team.

Post commissioning and client walk off, works were backfilled in layers using Suitable Excavated Materials ( SEM ), this provided a cost saving to the client whilst reducing site occupancy times and carbon outputs associated with taking spoil away and bringing new materials to site. Post backfill, the team reinstated the area with topsoil and grass seed to return the area to its original state. The area was then cleared of protective barriers and traffic management to return the road and pedestrian walkways back to normal operation. Local authorities and stakeholders were notified of works being complete.

CLC excavated the marked-up area ready for the installation of a 4” meter bypass set up on the existing 125mm main and installed a concrete base for the new meter, subsequent sections and ducting for logger cable to be installed.

The Results

Works complete in a safe, timely & compliant manor.

Affinity Water able to record leakage and water usage in a previously unmeasured area,  improving their ability to achieve performance commitments to their customers and OFWAT.

Services covered

Environmentally-conscious, safe & efficient back-fill and reinstatement works, driven by innovation and outstanding customer experience.

Smart maintenance and repair services, responding rapidly to planned and emergency situations with unparalleled levels of expertise, efficiency, and value.

Temporary relocation or alternations to existing infrastructure to protect assets and minimise service disruption.

Supporting long-term projects to improve, build, or maintain services, crafting strategies that enhance utilities with care for the environment.

Single contractor services for water, gas, electric, and telecoms infrastructure to service developments and communities.

An industry-leading complete solution for upgrading small sections to larger footprints of your existing network.

Competitively priced meter fitting and Pressure Release Valve installation works, without compromising on high standards of customer service.

Construction, connection and commissioning of new Water, Gas or Electric infrastructure to support new or existing network demand.

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