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Excavator working in a hole with exposed mains pipe

Case Studies

Affinity water, Mains burst on reservoir feed.

Affinity Water identified a visible mains burst on 42” raw water main feeding a reservoir that distributes water to over 200,000 customers.   The reservoir can last up to 48 hours once isolated to facilitate repair; time is of the essence as  the Water companies face harsh penalties when customers experience an interruption to supply.

The Challenge

Find out more about the key objectives and success criteria for the project.

The Solution

Learn more about how we approached the project to deliver a successful outcome.

The Results

Discover more about the impact of our work on the project.

The Challenge

CLC Utilities team in PPE stood at the top of a trench with CLC branding in front of them

As a trusted partner of Affinity water, CLC were contracted to locate, repair, and reinstate the mains supply without Affinity facing compensation penalties. 

CLC's track record and experience was seen as a key differentiator to meet the logistical and time sensitive challenges of the project.

The Solution

As well as a full site set up, location of issue, fix and reinstatement, CLC had to design and fabricate a bespoke component all within 48 hours.

The need to deliver the project at speed and to high standards were paramount, as The Water companies face harsh penalties when customers experience an interruption to supply, this can cost millions where performance commitments aren’t met.

Excavation of mains pipe

Excavation and installation of temporary access road & diverted footway and site compound with safety fencing and welfare facilities set up.

CLC branded van with the Carbon Neutral Organisation accreditation logo above it
42" main and exposed point of failure

Location of 42” main and exposed point of failure, which was a leak on a coupling.

Workers in PPE take measurements for bespoke encapsulation collar

The calliper of main was identified as oval and standard fittings would not be suitable for fix, therefore measurements were taken for bespoke encapsulation collar to be designed, fabricated, and delivered back to site within 24 hours.

Installation of encapsulation collar as two workers in PPE stand by

Installation of encapsulation collar over single point of failure, including installation of concrete base to support pipework new fittings.

Backfill and temporary reinstatement to allow recharge of the main

Backfill and temporary reinstatement to allow recharge of main, while CLC Laised with EA and national trust to confirm scope and specification of reinstatement required, ensuring full compliance.

CLC Utilities team in PPE stood at the top of a trench with CLC branding in front of them

Reinstatement of works to EA / national trust specification including fencing, topsoil, bridal ways.

The Results

The main burst was located, repaired, and returned to service within the 48 hours deadline in a safe and compliant manor.

Our distinctive blend of process, expertise and experience helped deliver the right result, meaning  no interruption to customer supplies; maintaining customer satisfaction and protecting the client from financial penalties, missed performance commitments and reputational damage with the regulator.

Services covered

Environmentally-conscious, safe & efficient back-fill and reinstatement works, driven by innovation and outstanding customer experience.

Smart maintenance and repair services, responding rapidly to planned and emergency situations with unparalleled levels of expertise, efficiency, and value.

Temporary relocation or alternations to existing infrastructure to protect assets and minimise service disruption.

Supporting long-term projects to improve, build, or maintain services, crafting strategies that enhance utilities with care for the environment.

Single contractor services for water, gas, electric, and telecoms infrastructure to service developments and communities.

An industry-leading complete solution for upgrading small sections to larger footprints of your existing network.

Competitively priced meter fitting and Pressure Release Valve installation works, without compromising on high standards of customer service.

Construction, connection and commissioning of new Water, Gas or Electric infrastructure to support new or existing network demand.

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