An outline of CLC’s COVID-19 actions to date

27/02/20, CLC gave advice to staff relating to symptoms, how to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19, at this time there had only been 15 confirmed cases in the UK and over a week before the sad news of the first COVID-19 related death. Since then CLC has provided regular updates to all office staff and […]

CLC Strategic Report

The directors present the strategic report for the year ended 31 December 2019.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – CLC’s Response

CLC understands the vital nature of the service we provide to the Utility Sector. Provision of water, electricity and gas (especially when more people are staying at home) is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the UK.

Redefining Collaboration between Affinity Water and CLC

Close collaboration between Affinity Water and CLC continues to seek out existing and new efficient ways of maintaining supply during essential maintenance activities. It is critical for both organisations to embrace tightening regulatory controls and performance measures, such as the revised ODI Target. Minimising disruption to the Customer and placing their needs at the top […]

CLC- 4am Emergency Response to Water Main Leakage

CLC Utilities responded to an emergency large scale repair of an 20″ trunk water main at 4am which served a large volume of customers in Daggers Lane, Elstree on behalf of Affinity Water. There was major water leakage around the main some metres below the ground in the road and needed urgent action. The CLC […]

Another Clean Sweep!

CLC Utilities continue to invest in their fleet with the latest street cleaner to support their diverse client base and every increasing focus on the customer journey and satisfaction for clean and tidy sites on completion of work. With years of experience and knowledge, our street cleaner covers roads, car parks, warehouse maintenance services, landfills, […]

Why Affinity Water Chose Our Turnkey Teams

In the April 2019 edition of the Affinity Water publication ‘Connect’, the utility company explained why they have chosen to use CLC Utilities and specifically, our turnkey teams.  

CLC Utilities Helping To Raise Funds For Cystinosis Ireland

From 5th – 24th May 2019 two Affinity Water employees, Rob King and Gary Pemberton, undertook an intense challenge to cycle around Ireland. The charity bike ride was undertaken to fundraise for Cystinosis Ireland. CLC Utilities were proud to support this incredible charity by contributing an additional £500 to Rob and Gary, spurring them on […]

Helping To Plug The Leaks For Affinity Water

With drier summers, more extreme weather events and a booming population, the south east is under immense pressure where water is concerned. Indeed, we need to cut our average consumption by around one quarter from 140 litres per day to 110 litres. Pauline Walsh, CEO of Affinity Water has stated:

Re-nationalisation Of The Water Supply

Earlier in 2019, when a Brexit-fuelled General Election was looking increasingly likely, Jeremy Corbyn revived discussion about his plans to renationalise the water industry. The mere idea of nationalising the water industry sent shockwaves through the utilities industry. It’s led to some interesting reactions.