Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Delivering efficiency, value & excellence in maintenance & repair

CLC Utilities is highly-experienced managing maintenance and repair services on a range of different size mains. At all times we have Turnkey Trailer Teams on standby to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency situation. Providing round-the-clock response, combined with always available customer service, you will receive the complete maintenance and repair service you require.

At CLC Utilities we understand that reactive maintenance and repair can bring its own obstacles for success. We utilise a comprehensive Gatekeeping Process and JMSi to ensure that works are carried out efficiently, safely and with minimal disruption. Key to this is our innovative processes for assigning and managing plant, equipment and skills.

Our Work Management Centre (WMC) ensures you have a single point of contact as well as excellent project planning. In conjunction with our customer app, you are in the picture and listened to continuously. Our data exchange systems mean that we operate with real-time information, all the time.

We have over 25 years’ experience in maintenance, repair and reinstatement services. We are industry-leaders not only for our price point resilience but also for our reputation for efficiency, innovation, safety, quality and customer support.

What makes us different?

  • Care for Customers

    Through our customer service app, Customer Liaison Team and Customer Liaison Manger we are committed to ensuring a positive and seamless experience.

  • Efficiency

    The Gatekeeping Process ensures jobs are prioritised and responded to appropriately, reducing time wasted as logistics and H&S considerations are managed. Our innovative Circular Economy for reuse and upcycling of excavated materials, combined with our use of Turnkey Trailer Teams, all controlled from the WMC ensures that time on site is reduced.

  • Environment

    A commitment to back fill, with an 80% hit rate, helps us to minimise our negative impact on the local environment.

  • First-time Delivery

    We have an enviable reputation in the industry for service provision with first-time delivery.

  • Technology

    We use innovative technology, such as various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate real-time data exchange between ourselves, customers and all stakeholders.

Maintenance & repair services carried out by CLC Utilities are delivered simply, speedily & safely.