Water, Power, Communications & Gas

Serving the utilities sector

CLC Utilities work to deliver the turnkey solutions you need within the water, power, communications and gas sectors. We work for water, electrical and gas providers to install, repair, maintain and/or reinstatement their respective infrastructure assets.

At the heart of our service provision is the individual customer. We meet and exceed your expectations through innovative technology and industry-leading processes.

Central to our efficient and effective delivery is our distinct use of the Work Management Team.

This planning, scheduling and real time allocation of resources minimises our time on site, reduces costs, and minimises our impact on communities and the environment.

Innovation is at the core of how we meet your objectives. Our Job Management System (JMSi) has been proven to reduce errors, increase communication, and allow all works to be tracked, monitored and recorded efficiently and safely.

What makes us different?

  • Health & safety leaders

    We prevent danger to our employees, customers and members of the public through unremitting safe practice. Our Gatekeeping Process has been designed to ensure not only minimal disruption and aborts, but also exceptional standards of safety on site.

  • Care for customers

    Through our customer service app, Customer Liaison Team and Customer Liaison Manger we are committed to ensuring a positive and seamless experience.

  • Care for communities

    We continuously strive to minimise our impact on local communities. For example, we use noise-limiting site barriers or Hera Fencing and consider how we can make the period of works less-disruptive for pedestrians, road users and local residents.

  • Multi-skilled trailer teams

    Our multi-skilled trailer teams allow agile deployment wherever and whenever needed. These turnkey teams combine the skills, technology and equipment to complete a job from end to end. These teams can tackle complex jobs with remarkable efficiency.

For turnkey solutions of installation, repair, maintenance or reinstatement services within the water, power, communications and gas sectors, choose CLC Utilities.