• Over 25 Years In The Industry

    clc utilities reinstatement history
  • 1994

    Founded & incorporated in 1994

    Our past has shaped who we are and how we have developed in to industry-leaders.

    Founded and incorporated in 1994 by Tony Jupp (current CEO), CLC Utilities is rooted in the provision of high quality reinstatement services to the utility industry. With strong growth, CLC Utilities quickly gained a reputation for customer service and innovation, driven by our specialist development of environmentally friendly organic recycled aggregates creating a Circular Economy (CLC Envirograde®) as well as our highly sophisticated data exchange systems.

  • 2000

    Awarded a major Gas Reinstatement Contract by AMEY

    In 2000, we were awarded a major Gas Reinstatement Contract by AMEY. This contract was awarded in recognition of our industry leading service provision and ability to listen, develop and deliver.

    The AMEY Gas Reinstatement Contract became the catalyst for CLC Utilities to become the largest First Time Reinstatement Contractor in North London, Essex and Hertfordshire with an enviable reputation particularly in customer service.  Structural changes needed to be made to secure excellence and ongoing service provision.


  • 2002

    70% of CLC Utilities shareholding sold to C A Blackwell (Contracts) Limited (CAB)

    In March 2002, 70% of CLC Utilities shareholding was sold to C A Blackwell (Contracts) Limited (CAB). The aim of this shift was to receive the support and experience of CAB within the land remediation and recycling arena.

    This strategic development with CAB allowed us to continue growth and excellence.  We were able to extend our core activities into network repair and replacement of utility assets.

  • 2010 - 2014

    Customer-centred, company growth

    Between 2010 and 2014, Tony Jupp (CEO) drove a clear strategy of focusing on smaller and more profitable contracts. This provided free-flowing liquidity and refocus on the objective of being customer-centred and company growth.

    2010 - 2014

  • 2019

    The contractor of choice in the utilities sector

    We continue to be the contractors of choice for small, medium and large scale works in the utilities sector offering a competitive and industry-leading service with an outstanding customer outlook.

    CLC Utilities of today continues with the security of its roots whilst embracing innovation for the future. Our complete Turnkey Solutions to the utilities sector are characterised by innovation, integrated recycling, community and environmental outlooks, and cutting-edge data exchange technology.

    We continue to learn and transform for the future.

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