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Why Affinity Water Chose Our Turnkey Teams

In the April 2019 edition of the Affinity Water publication ‘Connect’, the utility company explained why they have chosen to use CLC Utilities and specifically, our turnkey teams.


The standard problem

Traditionally, Affinity Water, like many other water companies and utility providers, have used one contractor for excavation and repair (or even two different ones) and then another contractor again for reinstatement. This is where the majority of delays and costs spiral.

As the task moves along the chain of contractors it isn’t unusual for delays to become evident, and there is a blurring of accountability for those delays. Delays cost money. They also cause immense disruption to the community and environment in which the work is taking place.

The turnkey solution

For this reason, Affinity Water’s Community Operations has now opted to use CLC Utilities and our turnkey trailer team solutions. They have dubbed this as the ‘dig-fix-reinstate’ solution which neatly explains that we take responsibility for the complete task from start to finish. Our turnkey teams are equipped, appropriately skilled and capable of undertaking the total job.

This is further aided by our Gatekeeping Process. This ensures that a team is dispatched appropriately and with necessary surveys completed. This means we are able to reduce delays and simply work efficiently and effectively with full accountability from beginning to end.

Head of Business Transformation at Affinity Water, Anton Gazzard explained: “In the Central region we have three different companies that dig holes and a separate company that does reinstatement. This can result in a delay between the repair being finished and the site cleared, as well as additional cost. To address this, we have been working with one of our suppliers, CLC, to provide a turnkey ‘dig-fix-reinstate’ operation that enables one supplier to take full ownership of the job from start to finish.”

Turnkey solutions in action

The first time Affinity Water used our innovative turnkey teams in this way was back in November 2018, within the Stort community. It’s quickly proven to be so successful that the area covered has been extended.

In addition to minimising delays, disruption and costs, this method is being focused on for its ability to upcycle and reuse suitable excavated material (SEM) wherever possible. It is CLC Utilities careful and diligent approach which enables this. This enables us, and Affinity Water, to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment too.

Enjoying the praise

As a company we are proud to report that the Connect article stated:

“It’s certainly not having a detrimental effect on quality: CLC achieved a 100% pass rate for 70 reinstatement jobs that were tested for quality compliance.”

Indeed, our partnership with Affinity Water has been praised for being the way that Affinity Water can provide the best service to their customers.

We continue to be at the forefront of industry innovation and development and are pleased to work in collaboration with Affinity Water using our turnkey trailer teams.