• Commitment to outstanding customer care

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Visibility, integrity & collaboration

It is vital to us that our commitment to outstanding customer care shines through all that we do and the service we provide. Engaging customers is part of everything we do.

A conscientious customer approach

Our unique approach includes our Gatekeeping Process. All minor, major, planned and unplanned work filters through our Gatekeeping Process whereby Impact Assessments inform our decisions. At this stage we also identify and specifically plan for Vulnerable Customers who will be affected. As such, we are prepared for all projects and undertake them with a seamless project management approach.

Through the Gatekeeping Process we are able to recognise and minimise the disruption and impact of all works on stakeholders. Where there is likely to be a high impact on customers we deploy a dedicated Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) to the site.

Using technology and innovation to improve customer care

We use advanced technology and innovative practice to deliver our customer service objectives. Core to this is our customer app which underpins customer service in real-time, whereby we can engage, listen and respond, as well as spot issues before they become problems. This allows us to offer a personalised service which is relevant to your needs throughout your continuous journey with us.

Whilst not all incidents can be avoided, we take every step to minimise their impact, reduce their occurrence and to recover quickly.

A relationship centred approach to customer support

Central to collaboration with our customers, and through the customer app, is the relationship with our Customer Liaison Team (CLT) which manages all communications with customers.

The CLO can be dispatched to site swiftly to rectify any problems, as they occur, in addition to monthly meetings with client representatives. Where necessary, we have a clearly defined escalation process so that difficulties can be overcome. Site visits are always offered in the event of a complaint.

Furthermore, we seek to build collaborative relationships with your customers through a designated and visible onsite Customer Liaison Contact. For example, site visits, door-to-door calling, courtesy boards and Customer Care Cards are par for the course.

A culture of learning

We build resilience from all incidents, learning from them for the future through evaluation and analysis. We also conduct audits using our real-time customer satisfaction app.

We proactively work to ensure that customers receive a positive experience working with us. It’s for this reason, we are chosen again and again.

Your feedback is important

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We undertake refined customer care practices to:

  • We put the customer first in all that we do

  • Minimise disruption & inconvenience

  • Eliminate the problems caused by poor planning

  • Prepared for all eventualities

  • Responsive, listen & learn

  • Collaborative relationships founded on trust & integrity

  • Facilitate transparency & visibility

  • Inform, direct & manage relationships

  • We care about the environment & the communities in which we work

  • Train all of our workforce in our principles & practices of customer care

  • Promote safety central to all of our activities

Working in your area

What can you expect from us?

 The nature of utilities replacement and reinstatement works means that there may be disruption to local communities. We strive to adopt working processes and systems which ensure that disruption is minimised.

We care

We know that excavation and repair works on the roads you use, pavements, town centres and more can impact your enjoyment of your environment. We care about the impact our work has on local communities. We recognise that often, disruption can be mitigated when you know what to expect. This is what you can expect from CLC Utilities when we are working in your local area.

Surveys in advance

CLC Utilities operate a unique Gatekeeping Process whereby all works are carefully assessed prior to excavation commencing. This means that we use surveys and site visits to ensure that when work begins it can be completed in the shortest time possible, with minimum disruption.

During this time there may be spray markings on the roads and walkways. This isn’t permanent and will dissolve over time.

A unique model

We are also popular within the utilities sector because of our specialised turnkey trailer teams. These teams carry all the equipment and skilled staff needed to ensure that a job can be carried out from start to finish by the same people. This reduces the risk of delays whilst a site is waiting for additional material or personnel.

When work begins

Depending on the scale of the works, and the location, different actions are taken to ensure a safe area and that disruption to you is minimised. For large excavations, we will protect the local community by using safe dig techniques as well as ensuring secure barriers are in place. We also take care to use signage which will keep you informed about what is happening on site as well as provide information regarding diversions, timescales and contact details for us.

If we need access to your property

Sometimes we will need access to your private property. If this is necessary, we will inform you personally and liaise with you regarding this. We aim to give you reasonable notice, but occasionally in the event of emergency repair works, this may not always be possible.

We always work swiftly to ensure that work is completed quickly.

How are we different

At CLC Utilities we are industry-leaders in terms of innovation as well as the reuse of dug materials. Our innovative techniques (such as vacuum excavation) ensure that work is carried out in ways which substantially reduce impact on the environment and the time taken.

Furthermore, by upcycling and reinstating many of the materials we dig, there are no delays concerning reinstatement works. We take care to remove materials, such as flag stones, in a way which means we can reuse them following the repair or replacement work. We have immensely high standards which our personnel must adhere to in terms of site cleanliness and reinstatement.

Who will be on site?

Depending on the scale and scope of the work our Gatekeeping Process also decides who to have on site. This may include a welfare unit and Customer Liaison Officer (in a named vest) if we are working in an area where there are vulnerable customers. We also, in the event of high-risk or complicated works, will ensure that there is director-level presence on site. There will be information at the site regarding how you can contact us and our Customer Liaison Contact is clearly marked on their clothing. e will work around the clock, using shift working, where necessary.


It is of paramount importance to us that we reduce risk and create safe working environments both for our personnel and for members of the public. All customer liaison personnel carry identification cards and you can request to see these at any time. Our processes, from Safe Dig techniques to barriers and road works are all designed to ensure a Zero Harm environment.

We take additional care to cater to the needs of vulnerable customers. For example, we will create wheelchair and pushchair accessible safe walkways if we have to close the pavement during the works.


We continually strive to improve the service we provide to customers. In order to do this, we rely on feedback from customers who have experienced us working in their area. We leave Customer feedback cards to advise of works and contact details for any questions. We would be grateful, therefore, if you are contacted regarding feedback from site personnel or office staff that you complete and return it as soon as possible.

Further information

If at any point during CLC Utilities working in your area you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our Customer Care team who will be happy to help.

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