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What is SLP?

When a developer needs a new infrastructure supply, eg, gas, water, power or communications, they have two options: contact different contractors for each utility, or use a single contractor to install the necessary apparatus before connecting it to the Statutory Undertakers’ mains service. This process, known as “self-lay”, rapidly reduces developers’ connection lead times and cost.

As a multi-utility provider CLC Utility Services has provided these services UK wide for over 25 years. CLC lead the industry by recognising the importance of bringing safe and reliable infrastructure to all aspects of a development – delivering a fast, environmentally friendly and customer-focused service.

Why Choose a Self-Lay Provider?

  • Lower Costs

    A multi-utility provider reduces the hassle and expense of dealing with several independent Statutory Undertakers or contractors.

  • Time Saving

    A circular economy model helps you save on direct costs, time, plus costly vehicle movements during the construction phase.

  • Greater Flexibility

    SLPs allow greater flexibility – CLC can work around your existing programme and provide full project management, tailored to your needs.

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Need Multi-Utility Experts For Your Connections?

We’d be happy to help. Chat to our team about what we can do for your next development – we look forward to hearing from you.

Why Choose CLC Utility Services Ltd?

Tier 1 Status

We understand that blue chip Statutory Undertakers and Contractors need the best infrastructure support service behind them in order to deliver. CLC have worked hard to achieve Tier 1 status as a bonafide Self-Lay Provider, resulting in asset owner approval from various organisations. Consequently, residential and commercial developers alike appreciate our proactive, efficient turnkey approach, our significant expertise and our delivery model, which combined bring the highest standards to every project.

Fast Installation & Minimal Disruption

Our turnkey strategy delivers cost and time-efficient results while maintaining the best industry-compliant standards. CLC adopt a circular economy approach, which accelerates delivery time by maximising the re-use of valuable excavated materials.

This process has several dynamic features: reduced import/export, fewer vehicle movements and a lower carbon footprint, higher productivity, and faster delivery times. Our approach ultimately avoids unnecessary disruption to all stakeholders and members of the public while enhancing positive brand association.

Reliable Support

Our team of experts are trained to manage your project in the most seamless, hassle-free way possible. Our dedicated project managers are always happy to address any concerns or queries you may have and will cater for any last minute changes you may wish to implement. CLC’s highly qualified engineers are available to work round the clock and provide technical support with any aspect of the project.

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