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A passionate approach to innovation is not just at the core of CLC Utilities but actively drives us to be the industry leaders that we are. Innovation drives how we evolve. It is the cornerstone to ever-increasing standards and expectations of safety. It is the force behind us delivering projects to agreed commitments. Innovation is behind our customer engagement systems and our ability to be responsive.

Innovation is not a buzzword to us. It is not simply the application of good ideas. Instead we use innovation as a springboard to process development which can be managed, measured and controlled systematically. It has become integral to our management process.

Bolstering our reputation as outstanding in our field, particularly in terms of our customer orientation, is ongoing investment in innovation and a culture of innovation from the top down. We conceive ideas and turn them in to reality through skill and technological capability. Driven by the process of what we do and how we do it, we continue to do things faster, easier, smarter, cheaper and safer.

As the utility sector continues to undergo immense disruption, we lead the way through technological change and development. Our goal is cost-effective smart solutions which continue to put the customer at the heart of all that we do.

We deliver through innovation driven from within our management processes.

  • Smart approaches to managing community

    Smart approaches to managing community impact to minimise disruption and environmental impact. This includes our customer feedback app bringing us real-time feedback.

  • Outstanding training & development

    Outstanding training and development for our workforce alongside embracing smart technology and solutions for PPE.

  • Cutting edge turnkey solutions

    Cutting edge turnkey solutions including multi-skilled trailer teams, installation, maintenance, repair and reinstatement techniques, air lances and vacuum excavation.

  • Leading data exchange systems

    Leading data exchange systems including leveraging core data capture, file structure and experienced personnel.

  • Digital risk management services

    Digital risk management services.

  • Recycling & re-use of materials

    Recycling and re-use of materials to be a positive force in local communities.

  • Deployment of our unique Gatekeeping process

    Deployment of our unique Gatekeeping process and core JMSi software for the purpose of smarter organisational practice.

  • Systemisation of new processes

    Systemisation of new processes and related sector product knowledge.

  • Carbon Footprint

    Established baseline to be used for future monitoring of carbon footprint.

clc utilities vision and values

Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide agile services delivered with passion, focus and integrity. We work in partnership to get things right first time, every time.

clc utilities business model

Business Model

Responsive, transparent and a focus on customer engagement: our business model delivers confidence in what we do. We serve you on time and in budget.

clc utilities reinstatement history


With experience and know-how, we use our capability and longevity in the industry to offer security to complex projects. We continue to drive developments.

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