Elevating Water Management through Robust Supply Chain Partners

Elevating Water Management through Robust Supply Chain Partners

In the realm of water management, the journey from source to tap is intricate and dynamic. A crucial element often overlooked but undeniably vital in this process is an impeccable supply chain. At the British Water Annual Conference 2023 this was made abundantly clear. All agree with the importance of ensuring a great supply chain.

What do we prioritise for our clients as their supply chain partner?

Zero Harm:
Zero harm practices are crucial in maintaining work sites that prioritise the well-being of every individual involved. By adhering to the highest safety standards, organisations not only protect their workers from potential accidents but also cultivate a culture of responsibility and awareness. Prioritising zero harm ensures that every employee returns home safely, fostering a healthy and productive work environment built on trust and commitment to the highest practice standards.

A dependable supply chain ensures a steady flow of essential resource and services delivered. This reliability is paramount in meeting the fast paced nature of keeping our clients assets maintained and operating in the desired capacity.

Efficiency is the heartbeat of a turnkey service in the utility sector. A well-optimised turnkey service minimises delays, reduces waste, and streamlines operations. This, in turn, maximises the efficiency of the service we provide to our clients.

A great supply chain partnership fosters innovation. From dynamic AI based systems to advanced no dig solutions, a robust supply chain provides the infrastructure for the water management industry to embrace and implement groundbreaking solutions.

Resilience is a non-negotiable attribute in an industry where external factors such as climate change and unforeseen events can disrupt the status quo. A resilient supply chain partnership ensures continuity even in the face of challenges, safeguarding water access for communities.
Operating efficiently isn’t just about performance; it’s also about cost-effectiveness. A well-managed supply chain minimises overheads, contributing to a sustainable and economically viable service.


Kilimanjaro challenge success

Climbing Kilimanjaro


On 21st September 2023 a team from Affinity Water, comprising of James Randall, Andy Birnie, Stefan Westphal and Phil Adams, are taking on the challenge climbing Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest point on the African continent,

What started out as a 40th birthday celebration has turned into a worthwhile money raising event for 3 charities.

CLC are pleased to support the team and wish them all the best on their amazing charity adventure.

To find out more and to donate to these great charities please visit.


CLC Donation

CLC were delighted to donate to the Speedy team for taking part and completing the London to Brighton cycle ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation and WellChild charities.

Well done to those that took on the challenge.

CLC Team Rescue Man from Pond

Dear CLC

I hope this email reaches you and you can identify the wonderful men that I am about to describe.


Whilst working in our village shop this morning there was an incident that took place close to where two of your workman were working. A man from the village who sadly had been drinking fell into the village pond. I saw this happen and immediately shouted for help. Your two men ran over and jumped straight into the pond. It was quite an effort to get him out but they managed it. They then continued to assist while I phoned the ambulance, even then helping to walk him to his home. It took about an hour of their time but they couldn’t do enough to help. They were obviously soaking wet but then continued their job before finishing and telling me they were moving onto their next job. One of them took up the offer of a coffee but they wouldn’t even accept a sandwich as a thank you!


There is no doubt that they saved that man’s life today. The man that fell into the pond has thankfully been taken to hospital.


The nature of the incident would certainly mean we wouldn’t want it widely spread but I though you should know and I hope that you do something to internally reward you men for their selfless attitude, kindness and absolute willingness to help today.


Thank you for your wonderful employees.




CLC reduces emissions by up to 90% for part of its diesel fleet

Continuing its’ commitment to the environment and sustainability CLC is delighted to be trialling Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to power its heavy goods vehicles, LGVs and plant.

By transitioning to HVO, CLC can cut greenhouse gas emissions from their operations by up to 90%, helping to lower their carbon footprint with immediate effect.

HVO is a 100% biodegradable fuel derived from renewable and sustainable vegetable fat and oil waste.

Upon completion of a successful trial CLC will look to use HVO for its smaller diesel vehicles.

CLC carbon footprint assessment


CLC is a sustainable construction service provider to the utilities sector. These services include instillation, repair, maintenance, and reinstatement. The company focuses around three primary sectors: Water, Gas, Power. CLC adopts the WRAP circular economy process and actively channels the by-products and waste of its works via its supply chain who reconstitute the feedstock into new material for use in future works. Additionally, many of the extracted materials on site can be reused on the same works leading to significant reductions in waste and material purchases and vehicle movements. As a result of this sustainable policy CLC have actively aligned itself to the net zero targets and objectives of its partners stakeholders and to meet the ongoing global environmental challenges. We are pleased to announce our Carbon Neutral certification in accordance with DEFRA guidelines and our sponsorship of the Freedom Flight Sirma Run-of-River Small Hydro Project – Turkey (Ref: VCS 1152). Managing Director Alan England said, ‘’we are very proud to have taken our first steps toward net zero and have committed to delivering our promise to the protection of our environment and our stakeholders. The project in Turkey is just one example of the fantastic collaboration by local business and countries around the world committed to decarbonisation’’.

Sirma Run-of-River Hydro Project

Country : Turkey

Type : Small Hydro Power

Reference VCS 1152

2022 London Marathon Success

Neave Jupp successfully completed the 2022 London Marathon for Farleigh Hospice in memory of Dennis Darwin.

Neave would like to thank everyone for their generous donations helping to raise just over £17,000! This will be greatly appreciated by the team at Farleigh Hospice helping them continue the fantastic work they do.

Neave Jupp Just Giving Page

Doing It For Den

In January, this year we learned the devasting news Dennis Darwin sadly lost his 3-month battle with Cancer. Dennis was an integral part of the original green army (CLC) and was responsible for making a tangible contribution to its rapid emergence in the utility sector as a preferred service provider. Dennis showed considerable attention to detail working in the CLC commercial department, then moving on to set up the CLC buying department, in my opinion, Den’s contribution was fundamental to CLC’s success and will shall forever be in his debt. Dennis was admired by many in the business and was well liked always helping others, his ethical behaviour knew no bounds and ensured those around him always acted professionally in delivering the job. Dennis said to me shortly before passing, ‘I’ve got no regrets’’ I knew in that moment he had led a full life loved by all those around him as was an example to all of us.




Our Daughter Neave is running The London Marathon in honour and memory of our beloved Dennis (Den) and his fantastic work as husband friend, and colleague. She is supporting Farleigh Hospice who were simply amazing with his care, compassion, and understanding. Farleigh Hospice depend on donations from a wide variety of the public domain, your help will make a difference and will help other Cancer sufferers receive the very best end of life care in their final days.

We know times are hard at the moment but if you are able to support Neave, we would be so very grateful, and any donations received will be doubled by CLC.

Thank you for your generous help.

Tony Jupp
CLC Utility Services Limited


BM Trada UKAS Certifications

Following our 100% pass rate by Achilles Verify for Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality, CLC are now delighted to share its success in achieving the following ISO certifications working with BM Trada one of the worlds’ leading audit and certification bodies.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Links below to the full certificates:

ISO 9001 Exp 240126

ISO 14001 Exp 240126

ISO 45001 Exp 240126