Vehicle & Plant Hire

Maximising value & reliability through vehicle & plant hire

We recognise that sourcing the best vehicles and plant is a critical element to our service delivery for our customers. We therefore take care to source vehicles and plant equipment which represents genuine value and reliability, as well as enabling us to meet our own standards for best practice. We continuously measure our success in this through key metrics. This means we predominantly hire vehicles and plant in accordance with need.

At CLC Utilities we understand the importance of building trust with you regarding our vehicle and plant hire and usage. We therefore look at true-lifecycle cost so that we can offer a resilient price point. Alongside this sits our commitment to customer service and health and safety.

Plant and vehicle hire is core to our ability to reduce and minimise disruption on-site as well as deliver reliably, responsively and safely. As such, we choose our vehicle and plant hire strategically within the North London, Essex and Hertfordshire area. Hire arrangements are driven by the director-level considering such elements as anticipated frequency of usage, operating costs and durability.

We collaborate with customers effectively in order to bring transparency and understanding to equipment requirements. This allows us to plan works in such a way as to ensure effectiveness, minimise environmental impact and ensure plant and vehicle availability on time.

We undertake thorough checks to ensure we evidence all H&S requirements with plant and equipment.

What makes us different?

  • Cutting-edge

    By choosing to hire the majority of our plant and equipment we can ensure we have the latest innovations in our usage with reliability and a responsive capacity. They can be used in line with our historical trends analysis and JMSi. We have inbuilt flexibility according to changing needs. This has enabled us to be at the forefront of use of equipment such as vacuum excavation and air lances which speed up work and ensure its accuracy.

  • Reduced Failure

    Replacements and repairs to plant and vehicles are part of our hire contracts which enables us to ensure continued availability and reduced maintenance costs. We also do not need to store plant when it is not in use. Our forecasting can inform hire decisions which are easily met through collaborative relationships with our suppliers such as A-Plant, Mabey and Speedy Hire.

  • Resource Allocation

    Our innovative practices such as our Gatekeeper Process and Work Management Centre (WMC) means that through plant and equipment hire we can quickly determine and plan job requirements, reducing delays and minimising disruption. Plant and vehicles are also monitored in real time, also through the JMSi so that it can be redeployed with ease.

  • Innovative Solutions

    We lead the way with innovative solutions in the industry, for example specialist equipment (such as air lances and vacuum excavation) to reduce the risks associated with excavation (such as utility strikes). We were the first organisation to introduce 1000v rated insulated shovels to all operational staff.

Our best practice approach to vehicle & plant hire ensures that we deliver on your job first time, every time.