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Redefining Collaboration between Affinity Water and CLC

Close collaboration between Affinity Water and CLC continues to seek out existing and new efficient ways of maintaining supply during essential maintenance activities. It is critical for both organisations to embrace tightening regulatory controls and performance measures, such as the revised ODI Target. Minimising disruption to the Customer and placing their needs at the top of the service driven agenda is now mandatory.

Deployment of the Hydrant Wizard

The deployment of the Hydrant Wizard was proposed to Affinity Water as a potential option for exchanging Hydrants without the need for a Mains shut down, or expensive freeze off options. As a result, CLC recently invested in this equipment to facilitate accelerated delivery times and reduce cost to the maintenance operation. Specific on site training was provided and was attended by our Affinity Water colleagues, the consensus following numerous trials was that the equipment would be a valuable asset in providing innovative solutions whilst reducing operating costs and site occupation times.

Normal Works Job Process Cycle:

  • Job Raised to exchange Fire Hydrant or wash out.
  • Job planned with a mains shut down
  • Affinity water notify the customers who will be affected by the mains shut down.
  • Gang dispatched to dig the Hydrant on day one making sure all fittings are available and the works can go ahead
  • Gang and CST is dispatched to carry out the shut down and the installation on day 2
  • Mains flushed and returned to service by the CST
  • Depending on completion time sometimes the works have to be extended to accommodate the reinstatement
  • Works reinstated and completed.

Wizard Deployment Job Process Cycle:

  • Job Raised to exchange Fire Hydrant or wash out.
  • Job planned
  • Gang attend dig Hydrant complete exchange using hydrant wizard on day 1
  • Works are then reinstated and completed next day.


Job cycle, time and cost reduced by 50%

CLC Hydrant Wizard Innovation Key Deliverables and Benefits

  • Reduction in Planned Interruptions.
  • Maintains Supply to the Customer.
  • Reduces duration of work (Dig Day 1, Shut Day 2).
  • Reduces Technicians time and cost.
  • No Customer warning required.
  • No Customer Contact.
  • Eliminates team standing time.
  • No requirement for Mains Flushing (Saves Water).
  • Easily replace vital firefighting asset.
  • Unit pressurised with water from the main (No additional power required).