Coronavirus (COVID-19) – CLC’s Response

CLC understands the vital nature of the service we provide to the Utility Sector. Provision of water, electricity and gas (especially when more people are staying at home) is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the UK.

The Government has confirmed that utility workers are classified as key workers in the UK’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) response. As such, you will still see our fleet and teams out working to maintain these resources to keep the country ticking over during these difficult times.

We are continually accessing the way we operate to ensure our team and those we serve are protected. Our actions are being led by guidance from Government sources and collaboration with our Clients.

While working our Operational Teams will be following ‘Social Distancing’ and so will be less likely to knock on your door. Please accept this as being for your and our benefit. If you do need to talk to any of our crews on site, please keep at least 2 metres distance.

Thank you for your support during this difficult period.

Click here to find government advice