CLC carbon footprint assessment


CLC is a sustainable construction service provider to the utilities sector. These services include instillation, repair, maintenance, and reinstatement. The company focuses around three primary sectors: Water, Gas, Power. CLC adopts the WRAP circular economy process and actively channels the by-products and waste of its works via its supply chain who reconstitute the feedstock into new material for use in future works. Additionally, many of the extracted materials on site can be reused on the same works leading to significant reductions in waste and material purchases and vehicle movements. As a result of this sustainable policy CLC have actively aligned itself to the net zero targets and objectives of its partners stakeholders and to meet the ongoing global environmental challenges. We are pleased to announce our Carbon Neutral certification in accordance with DEFRA guidelines and our sponsorship of the Freedom Flight Sirma Run-of-River Small Hydro Project – Turkey (Ref: VCS 1152). Managing Director Alan England said, ‘’we are very proud to have taken our first steps toward net zero and have committed to delivering our promise to the protection of our environment and our stakeholders. The project in Turkey is just one example of the fantastic collaboration by local business and countries around the world committed to decarbonisation’’.

Sirma Run-of-River Hydro Project

Country : Turkey

Type : Small Hydro Power

Reference VCS 1152